User Guide for GeoVid IOS App

The GeoVid app is more than just a video recording application. It provides sophisticated geo-tagged video sharing with other users. With GeoVid, recorded videos are tagged with a continuous stream of extended geographic properties that relate to what the camera observes and captures.

This manual guides you how to best-use our iOS GeoVid mobile app and what to avoid during video recording.


You may install our GeoVid universal application (version 1.9.1 or above) from Apple iTunes AppStore:

search 'geovid' install
Search GeoVid app from iTune AppStore Installing GeoVid app

After installation, make sure the installed app version is at least 1.9 or above.

tap 'Navigation' button click 'About GeoVid' check version number
Select 'Navigation' key Click 'About Geovid' button Check app version


Currently, we do not support user registration. Hence, at this point all your uploaded videos are exposed to the public by default. Nevertheless, we internally maintain the list of videos and their content creators. In the next version of our moible apps, we will add account registration, which makes authorized users to claim the ownership of their previously uploaded videos and control their privacy. Please stay tuned until further notice.


A first time user may see the following video recording window. Otherwise, tap Camera button in the bar.

Please make sure your device orientation is unlocked.

  1. Check the status bar whether your orientation is locked.
  2. If so, double-tap the home button and swipe to see the lock rotation icon.
  3. tap the lock rotation icon to unlock.
the device rotation is locked unlock the device rotation the device rotation is unlocked now
lock orientation unlock orientation no lock icon

Before recording, examine the GPS signal meter shown on the right side of the camera screen, to make sure that you have at least tolerable GPS signal.

If you see Get Direction failed message as shown below, you might have disabled the location services. If so, please enable the services as instructed:

'Get Direction failed' message Tap 'Settings->Privacy->Location Services' Make sure 'Location Services' of 'GeoVid' app is on
Location service disabled move to location service turn on location service

Please do not record a video if you see any red-colored alert message or no signal sign.

no signal tolerable acceptable excellent
No signal acceptable good Very good

You may see Compass Interference warning screen. If so, please wave your phone in a figure 8 motion until the warning screen disappears.

Tap Record button to start video recording. For the best video shooting, place your phone in LANDSCAPE mode.

To stop the video recording, simply click the Stop button.

before recording recording...
before recording recording


To save your mobile data usage, disable the cellular data as follows:

Tap on 'General' in 'Settings' view Tap on 'Cellular' in 'General' view Turn off 'Cellular Data' in 'Cellular' View
Settings General Cellular

Then, connect your device to a Wi-Fi network.

Tap on 'Wi-Fi' in 'Settings' view Turn on 'Wi-Fi' and Choose a Network
Settings Wi-Fi

After the recording, the recorded video clip is then shown in the list, displaying a gray-colored upload status icon (indicating the video has not been uploaded yet).

To upload the video, simply tap the list item and select Upload Video Clip.

video list tap on a video item
video list show context menu

Once uploaded successfully, a green mark appears on a video item. Otherwise, the failed uploading would be automatically resumed whenver the phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

If video upload has not been successful for a long time, please refresh the video list by switching between recording screen and video list screen back-and-forth and request uploading again.

show upload progress marked green after successful upload
upload progress marked green after upload

You may upload as many videos as possible by requesting their uploading one by one.


You may upload videos automatically. Let's imagine you have four recorded but not uploaded videos.


Simply, enable Automatic Upload in the app Settings.

Tap on 'Settings' from navigation bar Turn on 'Automatic Upload'
Navigation List Settings

Tap on Video Clips from the navigation bar. Then, the app will start video uploads one by one automatically.

Go back to video list uploading the first video automatically uploading the second one
video list first second
the third one the fourth one uploading completed
third fourth all completed

Note: You may see blue--colored icon status at some points. It means that your video is partially uploaded to the server but not completed yet. If so, you have to request uploading again.

video clip with blue--colored status icon Tap on video clip for upload request upload successfully
blue icon upload request successfully uploaded


You may visit our website in the following and search your uploaded videos from the map. Your video may not be immediately playable if the server is heavily loaded. If so, please try later.

Above link may be best-viewed in the latest HTML5-supported web browsers under Desktop PCs or Tablets (iPad or Android Tablets), but may not work well with your old Android web browser (due to lack of SVG support).

For any technical assistance, please contact Mr. Min Min Htoon. (