GeoVid iPhone and iPad Apps

This page describes technical details of our GeoVid georeferenced video application running on iOS-based mobile phones and tablets. The app is available from the iTunes App Store here.


The purpose of this iPhone and iPad application is to provide easy video recording annotated with location meta-data and to allow uploading of this information to our georeferenced video search services.

NOTE: By its very nature this iOS app will collect location, direction, date and time information and submit it to our server. We do not collect any personally identifiable information. If you have privacy concerns about the collection of such information, please do not use this app!




The iOS app is available from the iTunes App Store here. The installation works like any other iOS app.


After launching the GeoVid app, the user will see the main screen.



Currently, we do not implement any authentication mechanism as to whether contents are uploaded by a valid user. For user identification, we plan to use the "OpenID" approach, using a social media account such as Twitter or Facebook. For full user privacy protection, we will use "OAuth", where our application does not store any privacy-sensitive information such as a user's password.

We are also working on support for a real-time, low-bandwidth uploading service, where a user can upload meta-data instantly during video recording while submitting the actual video content later.


We may provide some of the format specifications and APIs at a later point in time, if there is community interest for this.


The GeoVid iOS app is maintained by Min Htoon. If you have questions, feedback, or suggestions, please drop me an email (see the Contact Us page).