GeoVid Recorder: Instruction Guide

The GeoVid Recorder (version 1.6.5 or above) is designed for Android users to easily record geo-referenced videos and upload them to our video hosting servers. Once uploaded, the videos are then immediately available from the web. The major distinction from the conventional video hosting services is that our videos are searchable by their viewing angles and played back, while continuously showing their corresponding GPS locations and viewing directions.

This manual guides you how to best-use our Android GeoVid mobile app and what to avoid during video recording.


You can find and install GeoVid Recorder from Google Play.

search 'geovid' installing greeting
Search GeoVid app from Google Play Installing GeoVid Recorder After Installation

After installation, make sure the installed app version is at least 1.6.6 (NOT 1.6.5) or above.

press 'menu > Settings' click 'About GeoVid' check version number
Select 'Settings' key Click 'About Geovid' button Check app version


Currently, we do not support user registration. Hence, at this point all your uploaded videos are exposed to the public by default. Nevertheless, we internally maintain the list of videos and their content creators. In the next version of our moible apps, we will add account registration, which makes authorized users to claim the ownership of their previously uploaded videos and control their privacy. Please stay tuned until further notice.


Tap Record button in the Action Bar or through Menu key.

From Action Bar (Android 3.x, 4.x) From Option Menu (Android 2.x)
Tap Record button in the Action Bar Tap Record button from Option Menu

If you didn't enable GPS service, please enable it as instructed.


Please make sure that GPS signal meter (in the below) should NOT blink in red. If so, please wait until red-colored blinking disappears. Blinking with no red alert is regarded as acceptable. Otherwise, try later.

No GPS condition (Blinking in red) Valid GPS condition
Tap Record button in the Action Bar Tap Record button from Option Menu

You may see Compass Interference warning screen. If so, please wave your phone in a figure 8 motion until the warning screen disappears.


Now, everything is ready for recording. Tap the Record button.

For the best view, place your phone in LANDSCAPE mode. Of course, you can record a video in portrait mode.



To save your data usage, you may turn off your mobile data network and enable Wi-Fi network.

Below procedures may differ between Android vendors and versions.

select 'Settings' choose 'WIFI & networks' click 'Mobile networks'
uncheck 'Data enabled' turn on 'Wi-Fi' Wi-Fi connected

Select View Route to examine whether the video is recorded correctly. No marker in the map implies that the app couldn't find any valid GPS signal.

Select 'View Route' Play in Landscape Play in Portrait
option_menu.png view_route_land.png view_route_portrait.png

To upload a video, select Upload on a context-menu after recording stop or tapping a video item from video list.

Select 'Upload' Upload progress will be shown in a notification bar
option_menu.png uploading.png

Once uploaded successfully, a green mark appears on a video item. Otherwise, the app would show a failure message on a notification bar and automatically resume uploading whenever the phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

You may upload as many videos as possible by requesting their uploading one by one.


You may visit our website in the following and search your uploaded videos from the map. Your video may not be immediately playable if the server is heavily loaded. If so, please try later.

This link may be best-viewed in the latest HTML5-supported web browsers under Desktop PCs or Tablets (iPad or Android Tablets), but may not work well with your old Android web browser (due to lack of SVG support).

For any technical assistance, please contact Mr. Beomjoo Seo. (